The global lifestyle hub dedicated to the celebration of the independent spirit of flight, aviation and aerospace. The media HQ and time capsule for the private space race, flying car, flying motorcycle, drone, and personal aircraft race. From ancient history to future craft, ISC encompasses all things flight and aviation.

Infinite Sky Channel (ISC) is the “Channel of the Sky” and the Global Lifestyle Hub of All Things Flight and Aviation.

ISC’s focus encompasses the entire sky and mankind’s symbiotic relationship with the transformative nature of the heavens above. Worldwide, there is an infinite amount of subject matter related to the sky, and ISC’s compelling and entertaining content is currently being produced by world-class creators and filmmakers for maximum impact. We want to take you on this journey with us through the limitless evolution of craft and technology that utilize the sky for recreation, transportation, and exploration.

ISC’s original content is sourced internationally, intended for all ages, and is family-friendly. Our viewers can expect to have soaring experiences with the wind, sun, batteries, helium, rockets, propellers, jets, flying animals, flying insects, and many more aerial artists from the perspective of those who play, create, study, innovate, and transform the sky. 


Infinite Sky Channel acquired its own stunning and unique aerial content library with over 40 hours of incredible visuals spanning the entire globe, shot in 8k from planes, jets, and helicopters. This aerial library allows ISC to produce an unlimited amount of long-form and short-form original content, and produce over 100,000 high resolution stills.


The Official ISC Mercedes Sprinter mobile production studio is powered by Crowe Audio. Crowe Audio works with award-winning directors, writers, producers, video editors, and major label recording artists, producing: music videos, albums, feature films, documentaries, video games, television, and terrestrial/satellite radio commercials.


Infinite Sky Channel community based outreach programs supports unique schools with providing funds and materials. ISC has donated to the Los Angeles-based Donna Ro Children’s School for learning materials and supplies. 

The ISC Planet Saving Program initiative is aimed at protecting and supporting the ecology and nature of the sky.  One of our missions is set on building bee hives in every corner of the planet. These ISC Bee Hives will generate honey and wax product proceeds and will provide career skills to the beekeepers.

The ISC Bee Hive pilot program launched in Yaoundé Cameroon Africa in joint venture partnership with Shu Farms and the School of the Deaf in 2019. The School of the Deaf in Yaoundé will maintain bee colonies in these hives and process the products derived from bees and wax, so that a percentage of the proceeds will benefit the school’s ongoing needs.

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